[SUSTAINABLE TECH]  Which tools and labels for a sustainable website? 💻

“If the Internet was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter”

What digital sustainability means?
Digital sustainability requires certain design, development and deployment of digital technologies in order to secure long-term competitiveness and growth within the planetary boundaries and in relation to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

⏱ Take action: to quickly find out how much your website is polluting : enter your website URL on Website Carbon (link in comment 👇🏽)

This will tell you the CO2 weight of your pages and according to the traffic of your site, your Co2 consumption, as well as tips in order to reduce your carbon footprint (check on the linked image) 💪🏽

Be careful: measuring the carbon footprint of your website is only a simple and fun first step.

The next step is to measure your total Co2 (and other greenhouse gas) consumption, as an individual and as an organisation.

To make these estimations, which are as essential as taking a blood test when you're tired - there are many calculators and websites.

The first I can think of is LFCA.earth, which we use every year at Mutual Benefits to neutralise our carbon footprint, or Zeï, which we use to move towards even greater frugality and which creates a healthy emulation between competitors (links in comments).

🔍 To go further, here are a few ecological labels to prove your desire to reduce the environmental impact of your website:

> The Greenspector label
A program to define a tailor-made internal label with Greenspector experts according to the desired environmental goals.

> The Green Web Foundation Eco-label
Free and easy to set up, aims to certify that your web hosting uses low-carbon energy.