[ZEBRA TALK] How can we build an alternative future in which we have a more equitable economy that really helps communities to thrive ? 🎙

During an interview for https://medium.com/zebras-unite, Anika Horn asked me that question, as chapter leader of ZebrasUnite Paris, find below my answer, as a first extract of that interview.

Here is my answer :
I envision a future where people connect to their hearts, their bodies and the communities they are in.

A world where everyone - professionally and personally - is doing his part and contributing like a hummingbird to what matters to him/her. And finally, by doing so, contributing to solve, as an individual, the Sustainable Development Goals.

1️⃣ How would that work ?
> Each of us has the ability to find what really matters. Name it introspection, a connexion to your inner self, our true one, the one beyond our social masks.

> If I speak for myself, since I found what I really care about, what triggers me and the future I want to live in or build. Since then, I am more and more able to engage with others at the heart, body and soul levels vs the mind. Step by step, I am contributing to solve the SDGs leveraging the power of my company, my ecosystem and as an individual.

2️⃣ How can that be hybridized with capitalism ?
My belief is that hybridation starts when we care and count all the externalities (positive and negative) of our business activities and value them.

Meaning : people and machines' externalities (energy, health, etc.) and in connection with nature (how much do we take and how do we restore it)

> Becoming conscious about our impact, finding our way to eliminate the negative externalities we are responsible for, help others to move towards the regenerative economy, where we positively contribute to planet Earth with our activities as individuals and/or companies.

3️⃣ Build a triple accounting system
As money is "driving the world", we as consumers, citizens, individuals, entrepreneurs, have the power to ask economic bodies to move towards the triple accounting system where people + planet are accounted next to financial profit.

What do YOU think about it ? What is YOUR vision of an alternative future ? 💭

Thanks Anika Horn for giving me the opportunity to present my views during that interview which will be published in february on Medium and on ZebrasUnite website 🙏🏽

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